TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices – No Buzz – LED Indication – Smart Fast Charging Dock





Quickly charge multiple devices while keeping them tidily organized at a work desk or bedside table – no more tangled cables, no struggles to find multiple usb chargers or sockets, and no buzzing sound produced by cell phone usb docking station organizer all night long

TIMSTOOL 6 USB Charging Station For Multiple Devices

-This iPad & Apple iPhone charging dock station is ideal for entire family & guests – iPhone charging station organizer dock includes 7 fast charging short cables – 3 micro-USB & 1 USBc Type-C & 3 lightning – that eliminate tangling & let you use the high speed charger right away
-Robust build usb charging hub that offers stability & protection – comes equipped with Anti-slip pads that prevent inadvertent slipping & scratching of devices
-Unlike other inferior quality baffles that break easily, these are incredibly strong – you even get 1 spare baffle for accidental damages
-Taller baffles further add to the safe & reliable storage of devices on our apple charging docks
-Generous spacing between baffles & removable baffle design allows you to store unusually thick phones & tablets (even those that are protected by bulkier cases)
-Travel-friendly iPad Samsung fast charging stand – ability to operate over a wide range of 100-240v & 50-60H makes our fast charging stations suitable for a wide range of destinations – be it US, EU, UK, ASIA
-LED indicators automatically turn off once the charging of corresponding device is over – first baffle always remains ON, making it ideal even for use as a night light
-Sleep-Friendly universal multiple usb charger allows you to turn off all LEDs using a single switch, and also makes no buzzing noise


Color: Black
Input: AC 100-240V (50-60Hz)
Port Output: DC 5V 2.4A
Max Total Output: DC 5V 10A
Product Weight: 495g
Product Dimensions: 185x31x130mm

We offer 1-Year Warranty!


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